I’ve had some of my students, friends and family-members insist that I start a blog for some time.  But I’ve had others recommend caution especially since I’m a pre-tenure professor who has to worry about offending the political point of view of a tenure committee.  But that kind of polarized attitude is exactly the kind of destructive nonsense that I’m trying to resist…and so I guess I’m just going to refuse to play by these rules.  The good that can come from this blog (continuing to reach former students, interacting with friends and family, and perhaps even contributing the broader public discussion on ethics and politics), in my view, outweighs the bad.

So, game on.

If you are a former student, please check back especially when issues of interest from our class are in the news as I likely will have commented on them.  For others, please stop by especially when ethical and political issues which polarize us are in the news (especially those that are in my ‘wheelhouse’ of bioethics: abortion, animal rights, health care reform, stem cell research, end-of-life issues, etc.) as I likely will be blogging about them.

Looking forward to the discussion.


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