Putting Aside No Hidden Magenta

Well, this is sad.  For almost a year and a half I have been interacting with those of you who visit this blog.  Many good things have come of it, but I think it is now time to put it aside.  The pressures of other time commitments and being a pre-tenure faculty member, and contributing for the new Catholic Moral Theology website, means that I can’t really do justice to this blog.

However, please visit catholicmoraltheology.com quite often as I’ll be holding up the magenta flag over there.

Thanks once again for everyone’s interest and support.  I’ve met a lot of great people and made a lot of great connections that I otherwise would not have.  I will continue to cherish those.



3 Responses to “Putting Aside No Hidden Magenta”

  1. D Mark Robertson Says:

    Disappointing Charlie, but clearly understandable. I’ll miss your posts, your perspicacity and your Magenta approach.

  2. Mike McG... Says:

    Mark got ir right: disappointing but understandable. Certainly catholicmoraltheology.com is a promising venture and captures an important piece of the magenta approach. But only a piece. So I hope that this blog is ‘put aside’ rather than abandoned and reactivated from time to time when the times and the issues demand a magenta response.

    Please consider posting magenta sightings within hyperpolarized American Catholicism. Indications of centrist vitality in the secular domain are increasingly evident. And yet Catholics who choose to engage the culture seem forced to ‘declare’ right or left loyalties that correspond to political party preferences and tthus mute sensibilites that don’t correspond to the prevailing binary.

    Where will magenta folk find each other, Charlie?

    • nohiddenmagenta Says:

      Hi Mike…don’t worry, there are so many of us out there (especially in gex X and Y)…I’m totally convinced of that. And many of us are actually on CMT.com! Stick around, you’ll see. 🙂 I’ll also highlight quite a bit myself on that site of what I can find.

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